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Teaches: Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop, Fluid Lines 

Mel Sidki 

From a small town called Meopham in Kent, UK, Mel has been involved in sports from a very young age. From track and field, netball, football and more, she immersed herself into sport.

Mel discovered her love for Pole and Aerial when she was 14. It became evident that Mel was not only a fast learner but also a natural teacher, prompting her to start teaching just one year later.

Her passion for learning and training didn't stop there. She wanted more from her body, and so alongside her studies she engaged in pole competitions, strength training, CrossFit, and entered her first bodybuilding competition as a junior bikini competitor at the age of 17. It was during this time that she decided to pursue this path, she qualified as a personal trainer.

At the age of 20, Mel moved to Dubai to advance her career. One year after her move, in 2017, she organized the Middle East and Asia's first pole competition, the Dubai Pole Cup. The event attracted both national and international athletes from over 17 countries.

Teaches: Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop, Fluid Lines 

Mel Sidki 

In the third year of the event, Mel introduced the DPC retreat—an all-inclusive package holiday tailored for pole enthusiasts. The retreat offered an opportunity to explore Dubai while students participated in an intensive camp filled with workshops conducted by world-class artists.

Over the years, Mel has taught in Europe at exhibitions, organized her own wellness camp, trained celebrities, and taught her workshops over the Middle East. She also wrote and published her own E-Books and established a successful online business, allowing clients from across the globe to work with her and receive personalized training plans.

In October 2022, she decided it was time to have her own place, and Atria Studios was born.

Mel possesses a profound passion for movement and the human body. She genuinely loves sharing her knowledge and is dedicated to bringing her vision to life at Atria Studios.

Teaches: Aerial Hoop, Aerial Straps 

Gabrielle Botha

Gabrielle is a professional Aerialist, Dancer and, choreographer and Acrobat who is extremely driven towards perfecting her art. She is passionate about technique and cleanliness across all of her disciplines. 

Gabrielle has 17 years of experience training in Ballet, Contemporary dance and Artistic Gymnastics.

Companies she has worked with include: Cape Town City Ballet, iKapa dance Theatre, and guest performing for Bovim Ballet, XDC and the International touring cast of the Australian Circus AUSSIE. She has acted and danced in various international movies/series and music videos: Cinderella If the shoe fits, Iris Warriors, Bring It On 6, Black Mirror, Lullaby -Sigala and Paloma Faith and most recently doubled Tania Raymonde in Deep Blue sea 3.

Teaches: Aerial Hoop, Aerial Straps 

Gabrielle Botha

Gabrielle moved to Dubai in 2020 to advance her career, where she currently performs as an Aerialist in La Perle. She possesses a diverse skill set, encompassing aerial silks, dance trapeze, duo trapeze, hoop solo and duo, straps, duo loops, and aerial net. In addition to her aerial talents, she is a certified PADI diver, stuntwoman and actress.

Gabrielle's varied skill set allows her to offer her unique perspective and share her knowledge when it comes to teaching at Atria. Gabrielle is ever so passionate about her craft and her enthusiasm becomes evident during her classes.

Teaches: Pole Dancing

Tina Mahmoudzadeh

Tina is a Persian pole dance instructor and choreographer with 10 years of teaching experience. Her journey in pole dancing began in 2012 when she attended her first class, and from that moment, she knew it would be her lifelong career. From that moment Tina immersed herself in the dance world, maintaining a passionate commitment to teaching, choreographing routines, and performing.

She is recognised as the first Iranian pole dancer that has brought and established the first underground pole dance studio in Tehran,Iran. Her vision aimed to empower women, increasing their confidence and strength, particularly in a country where women face suppression of their entitled freedom. Tina is driven to share her skills, expressing a desire to help people recognize their inner power.

Tina seamlessly combines explosive power and controlled strength in her pole style. Her inclination is to integrate flips and dynamic moves into the flow of her pole routines. 

Teaches: Fluid Lines, Aerial Yoga/Hammock & Acrobatics

Daria Strepetova

Daria is a highly skilled contortionist and certified acrobatics teacher and coach from Moscow, Russia.

With years of training and experience, she brings a broad and diverse skill set to her practice, allowing her to offer versatile and dynamic sessions tailored to the needs of her students.

In addition to her technical expertise, Daria's passion for acrobatics and contortion is evident in her enthusiastic and encouraging teaching style. She is dedicated to helping her students achieve their goals.

Teaches: Fluid Lines, Aerial Yoga/Hammock & Acrobatics

Daria Strepetova

Her passion lies in teaching these disciples and helping students overcome their challenges in order to achieve the results they seek. 

Teaches: Handbalancing and Acro

Milo & Raiko

Journeying all the way from Cuba to Dubai, Milo and Raiko are a dynamic duo of professional acrobats, hand balancers, and artists. With a rich background in the performing arts, they have captivated audiences around the globe with their extraordinary talent.

Through their expert knowledge, personalized instruction, and unwavering support, Milo and Raiko show a strong dedication to teaching and genuine care for their students.

About the space

A space designed with love, passion, and creativity, our 3.5-meter-high studio, featuring floor-to-ceiling mirrors, offers a spacious and airy feel. Equipped with a Marshall music system, workout equipment, and aerial apparatuses ranging from poles, aerial hoops, and aerial straps, the studio creates an ideal environment for training at Atria, allowing you to explore your movement.

The studio provides various mood lighting options, ranging from warm to white lights, and the flexibility to turn on our neon blue lights. The soft wooden floors contribute to the space's sleek and contemporary feel, making it perfect for rolling around and gliding on the floor.

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Getting here: 

RTA parking is accessible both at the front and backside of the building, and the location is conveniently reachable by metro. Atria is just a 2-minute walk from the FGB metro station. 

We are located in the same building as “Breville” and are on the first floor, studio number 106. 

Studio Rental:

Whether you’re planning a photoshoot, special occasion, to host a class or for marketing and advertisement purposes our bright and inviting space is a perfect option for just 250 AED Per Hour. 

Please get in touch with us via email or via WhatsApp to secure your booking. info@atriastudios.me+971 50 353 9554