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Designed to feel, built to explore, made to move, created to express. We are energy, We are Atria.

Streetwear that moves with you, Move with us

Movement is where it started, in the studio.


We come from an industry that is driven by a passion for spreading creativity, confidence and expression, Our Vision was to broaden our impact.

Our goal was simple: to create a larger community of people who are united by similar values. This led to the creation of Atria Athletics. Through our garments, we want to add a new layer of meaning to your everyday life, making you feel bold, confident, and expressive.

Our unparalleled quality is designed to flatter, shape and perform using the highest quality fabrics from Turkey. We prioritize comfort in designing our line, keeping it central to the essence of movement. We believe that we all have an expressive and daring nature within our hearts and our minimal yet timeless pieces aim to ignite that fire within us.

Be audacious. Be real. Be you.

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